The Destination


The music is timeless. The format is a class act. The event will be unforgettable!

The Destination is a 9-piece dance band with its musical focus in the genres of R&B, Latin influenced material, Swing and Funk/Disco. Three outstanding vocalists and four horns set this group apart from virtually every other group in the Central New York area. No other group in the area can match the dynamics and crowd motivating force of The Destination.

The rhythm section can play anything from Sweet Home Alabama to The Wanderer, ZZ Top to Patsy Kline, but the band’s A-list repertoire is built around the power of the horns. Sometimes the mood of the crowd calls for some good old standbys like Brown Eyed Girl or Pretty Woman, still Joey J prefers to weight the set list with songs you don’t hear all the time.


The result is a classier mix with songs everybody knows. With the power of delivery that The Destination possesses, even the occasional obscure tune that is thrown in to challenge the crowd doesn’t lighten the load on the dance floor. Most parties are a feet-can’t-stop locomotive from the first song. People leave a Destination party saying they’ve never heard a band like it.

Add to the phenomenal lineup on stage the most attentive and detail-oriented sound and lighting techs in the business. Joey J owns staging, lighting and sound reinforcement equipment to match almost any space and he personally oversees the set-up and sound checking before every gig. His production is always custom-tailored for the job. Again, at the regional/local level, no one matches the way The Destination’s stage is put together.

Among the countless weddings, nightclubs and parties, The Destination has played at the Corning Glass Museum Annual Fundraiser, the Clemens Center, the Taughannock Park Concert Series, the Statler Towers in Buffalo, a Stamford/MIT conference, the top of the Omni Parker House in Boston, and at the three local colleges (Wells, Cornell, Ithaca College) for reunions, etc.

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