Bad Alibi


Classic Rock, with no excuses.

There are a lot of bands around.  They come in, play and the audience listens – most of the time with only half an ear open.  The reason?  All those bands are playing the same songs.  They grab a few musicians, learn the easiest tunes they can think of,  throw in a bit of “filler” material and hit the streets.
The Bad Alibi guys have been down that road.  They’re not going back.
One look at the setlist and you can see the difference.  Bad Alibi plays the classic rock that everyone remembers but never gets to hear because bands don’t want to take the extra time to learn the material.  Bad Alibi does.  They pride themselves on performing material that gives every bar & club patron that, “hey!  I remember that one!” kind of moment throughout their performance.
There’s a million songs in the big city – so why listen to the same three chords?
From Sergio’s “bringing on the thunder” bass lines –  to Scott’s rock steady percussion.  From Rob’s power baritone voice and keyboard foundations to Dan’s ripping guitar leads.  Bad Alibi is ready to bring you the best in classic rock – whenever and wherever they’re needed.

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